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boot issues

I did an upgrade to my archlinux system this morning.  Everything appeared fine; but after a reboot of my system, the boot-process hangs and th system fails to load.

I have a duel-boot with windows and I can still boot into windows.

When I select arch at the grub screen, it starts to load but freezes up before speech-disptcher ever gets loaded.

I had my dad look at the prompt for me. There was a message along the lines of:

sh: failed to load tty.  Job control is disabled.

There was another message about typing exit to ignore and continue with the boot process.  I did this, but it still failed.

The actual prompt appears to be "root@fs /#" if that helps diagnose anything about the boot failure.

I don't know much about the boot process before speakup (software synth) starts up and any sighted assistance I can get doesn't know linux.

Does any one have an idea what could be causing the failure?

I have my original archlinux CD that I installed from.  It's a speakup modified disk.  I've used it in the past as a live-cd to fix problems I had after an upgrade to grub.  I can boot into that again and mount the physical partitian uner the live session and make adjustments, but I don't know what to look for or change.

Can anyone help?
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