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Re: wheezy and Sound

	jack is trying to be there but it can't overcome all the
missing and or misconfigured stuff to run. I have had mplayer
successfully running on several older systems and when
everything is there and alsa works, mplayer plays beautifully.

	It might be a good trouble-shooting exercise to
completely de-install alsa and pulseaudio and then re-install
them to see if aptitude gets things closer to right now.
	Sometimes, it is an advantage to have something so
broken that it can't get much worse.



Jude DaShiell writes:
> Certain things need to be disabled in mplayer configuration for it to
> work half decently.  I think when I last had it working I saved my
> configuration file to a zip file and may be able to dig that up again.
> For one thing, I have video set to null and lirc and joystick and mouse
> are also disabled.  I did get vlc working too, but I don't normally push
> beyond c.l.i. since so much in G.U.I. works so poorly.  I think when I
> did anything with the mixer, I used rexima and adjusted things and then
> saved everything with alsactl store.  The alsaconfig script that used to
> be there so far as I can find out is now gone.  That helped square
> things away nicely while available.  Probably one of the biggest
> problems with alsa is udev and udev certainly misconfigured this system
> to the extent that a whole slew of alsa errrors happen with each login.
> Pulseaudio though may be helping this mess some too.  The jackd server
> is figured to be present and when it can't be found that also generates
> its own alsa errors.

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