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Re: Any1 Know trn Really Well?

On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 09:56:30AM -0800, Hart Larry wrote:
> I can open a group with 7million binary articles, but there are times a 
> group with 2million will hang for several days.  I bet the real issue is a 
> maximum article number, not a total number of articles loaded.

> So in 2003 folks on the trn developement list asked Wayne Davison if there 
> are ways to decode yenc in trn?  He says, 1 of these following commands may 
> work:
> :e|uudeview
> or
> :s|uudeview
> Some say, run with /dev/sdin
> I tried all of that from an article selector, says, "no articles processed"
> Can some1 please inform on a good way to do this in trn?

Haven't used trn in many years, but even my old (1990's era) trn manpage
discusses, albeit mind-numbingly, various ways to pull articles out.

It doesn't seem obvious to me that article limits are related to yenc encoding;
what is your thinking that they are related?

The ":" commands appear to act on articles that have been selected; have you
first selected the articles that you want to process?

When in the past I had problems with newsreaders making mistakes with multipart
articles (either threading them properly or decoding them properly), I reverted
to the "just get them onto my local disk, then reassemble/decode them using
a quickie shell script" method.

If you can point out a specific sample article batch, perhaps we can try and
see what's going on with those, mindful of a more general solution to your

Henry Yen                                       Aegis Information Systems, Inc.
Senior Systems Programmer                       Hicksville, New York

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