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Re: Any Better Binary News-Group Solution?

Larry, Have you tried slrn?

Hart Larry writes:
> OK, I am still struggling with constaits of Linux news-readers.  You
> see I usually grab binaries in Pine and must pipe in the raw to
> uudeview  because for the last 8years they are yenc encoded.  For
> just reading or pairing down, I really like trn.  Limitations,
> especially in binaries, pine will handle around 10thousand articles,
> while I cannot seem to load a news-group in trn with 1million
> articles.  My friend runs xnews in windows--and-it will handle a
> large amount, however, there seems no linux version of
> xnews--and-running in wine would not give me speech in a console.
> We have also tried some of those commandline only programs such as
> bnr  but even running a search of a news-group  bombed out.
> So why are their seemingly no linux/unix news/usenet applications
> which are robust enough to handle today's load?  Or how easy would
> it be to write one? Actually, why wouldn't I be able to login with
> an ncftp program to an nntp server--and-grab articles?  In an ideal
> world, other than a web interface such as what easynews has, an ftp
> type would be seemingly perfect, as we would not be loading all
> headers-and-articles in at once.
> I not only have an account in easynews, but run GigaNews in nntp.
> I really hope some of you have wonderful suggestions--and-thanks so
> much in advance
> Hart
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