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Re: browser security?

Just found this.
Hang a second, most browser s can be configured so the site thinks it is something else?
I knew ebrowse had this ability, but did not think others did
I am very curious how this might impact functionality, what does one do to accomplish this marvel?
On Thu, 8 Sep 2011, Henry Yen wrote:

On Wed, Sep 07, 2011 at 18:01:03PM -0400, Karen Lewellen wrote:
The other question is if anyone can point me to something  of an article
nature regarding  open-source browsers and security?

Most browsers, whether open-source or not, are mostly the same in this
regard (over time).

I am finding that companies will know simply block access to anything but
ie or if you are lucky firefox, with the claim that the browsers suggested
for Ada / section 508 /  w3c type access are a security risk.  Never mind
what barriers this creates for using the site services.  they are starting
to do it as well with earlier editions of ie, so soon that door will be
closed as well.

Most browsers, including lynx the text browser, can be configured to report
their identity as a different browser.  It's virtually impossible for a
website to identify a browser other than by simply asking it, so if I
configure my lynx session to report that it's opera, the website will
dutifully believe it.

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