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Re: Marking Files for Transfer

Pilot the file and directory manager can also do this work.On Fri, 23 Sep 
2011, Tim Chase wrote:

> > When wanting to move files from one directory to another, is
> > there a way to do so selectively, say in batches.
> You don't mention the environment in which you're working (though you
> cross-posted to the Gnome list, so you might be working in some sort of Gnome
> shell).
> However, if you have lynx (L Y N X the cat) installed, you can use its "dired"
> mode.  Just launch it with
>   lynx /path/to/mp3_files
> You can then navigate up/down the list using "t" to tag the files you want to
> move and then use "m" to move the files to another directory you specify.
> Alternatively, you can use Midnight Commander where control+T will tag files
> to move, press <tab> to shift to the 2nd panel, select the destination
> directory and press shift+F6 to move the files over (the dialog box has some
> additional options if you want them).
> Yet another option, you can do something like
>   ls *.mp3 > all_files.txt
> then edit all_files.txt with your favorite editor, deleting the items you
> don't want to move.  Once you have the files you want listed in the file, you
> can then move them with
>   xargs -i{} mv {} /path/to/destination < all_files.txt
> Lather, rinse, repeat for other directories.
> Hope this gives you plenty of options.
> And if you were looking for some Gnome answer, hopefully you'll get that from
> somebody who knows Gnome better than I do. :)
> -tim
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