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Re: Marking Files for Transfer

When wanting to move files from one directory to another, is
there a way to do so selectively, say in batches.

You don't mention the environment in which you're working (though you cross-posted to the Gnome list, so you might be working in some sort of Gnome shell).

However, if you have lynx (L Y N X the cat) installed, you can use its "dired" mode. Just launch it with

  lynx /path/to/mp3_files

You can then navigate up/down the list using "t" to tag the files you want to move and then use "m" to move the files to another directory you specify.

Alternatively, you can use Midnight Commander where control+T will tag files to move, press <tab> to shift to the 2nd panel, select the destination directory and press shift+F6 to move the files over (the dialog box has some additional options if you want them).

Yet another option, you can do something like

  ls *.mp3 > all_files.txt

then edit all_files.txt with your favorite editor, deleting the items you don't want to move. Once you have the files you want listed in the file, you can then move them with

  xargs -i{} mv {} /path/to/destination < all_files.txt

Lather, rinse, repeat for other directories.

Hope this gives you plenty of options.

And if you were looking for some Gnome answer, hopefully you'll get that from somebody who knows Gnome better than I do. :)


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