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Re: [BRLTTY] Alva BC640 question

On Sat, 27 Aug 2011, Dave Mielke wrote:

[quoted lines by Tom Masterson on 2011/08/27 at 07:39 -0700]

On Sat, 27 Aug 2011, Jason White wrote:

What happens if you just start typing on the braille keyboard at a virtual
console with BRLTTY running?

Nothing happens.

My understanding is that there are two ways it can work with the default being
that the system sees a HID keyboard. Have you looked through the menu to see if
thit needs to be enabled?

Do you even get no response to the keyboard when the BC640 is connected via

We haven't yet had access either to an actual Feature Pack or to a user who has
one. If you can help with testing and can build your own brltty from the
development stream, I'd welcome the opportunity to work with you to get the
keyboard working.

I still have not gotten Bluetooth working with it on any of my computers except windows so the answer is that the keyboard does not work with usb.

I can and have in the past built brltto from the development stream and have o problem testing. I will probably want to be sure I have an up-to-date virtual machine to safeguard my working ones but that is not a real problem either.


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