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Re: msn in text mode

On Sun, 3 Jul 2011, Tim Chase wrote:

You might try "finch" (it may be its own package, or it may come along when you install Pidgin) which is a console-version of Pidgin and thus should support the same interfaces (such as MSN) that Pidgin supports.

I was unable to login using Finch when I last tried it, though I think it was in Lenny. Finch is in its own package.

OK, jujst took another quick look at it and got further this time. It remembered the accounts I'd set up in Pidgin which made life easier.

The mainissue I see with it is that it's possible to have multiple windows open at once and they all show on-screen with bits under and over each other.

I'll write about Pebrot in another message.


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