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Hi Mark-Willem Jansen

You may want to speak with Phillip Susi of the Ubuntu Dmraid team.
He built a set of patches a long while ago that I don't think got included in the stable dmraid.
He knows the ins and outs of dmraid and has spends a lot of time bug fixing during Ubuntu release cycles.

I think the main reason that this project has died is because it is a very niche market.
It's usually only used by the people who run a dual boot with Windows as Mdadm is far superior for pure Linux installs.

Also GPT can already be used on top of dmraid, as far as I know you use dmraid to initialise the block devs and kpartx to deal with partitions.

Good luck and best regards,

On 18/07/12 09:20, Mark-Willem Jansen wrote:
Dear dmraid developers,

Sometime in this mail-list it was said that the program dmraid was in maintaining mode and not further developed anymore. In the meantime the dm-developement team has put out new dm-target, which can be used by the tool.

I would like to fork the latest RC and put on github, to continue developing the tool. I will give it a slightly new name, so people will not confuse it with the original. My plan is to add the support for new dm-targets and also implement more partition tables, starting with GPT.

I am not really good at generating new names, but here are some ideas.

dmraid-fbmw (forked by Mark-Willem)
dmraid-fu (follow-up)
dmraid-ext (extended version)

So my question which name you think is a good one for the forked?

And who can I connect if I have some questions about the tool.


Mark-Willem Jansen

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