dmraid and kernel 2.6.38

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in Linux 2.6.38 the dmraid 4/5/6 module is included, so an
external patch is no longer needed. I've compiled it directly
into the kernel, so it should be available.

Now I have a machine with Intel-fakeraid in raid5 configuration.
When running "dmraid -ay" I get:

ERROR: device-mapper target type "raid45" not in kernel

This is with dmraid rc13, but with rc16 it's similar. Has the
name of the module changed and if yes, what's the new name?
Is there a tool to find out which modules are available?
Or a sysfs entry? I'd like to patch dmraid rc13 so that it
works with the new kernel, that would be enough for me,
because it's on a specialized boot image.

Hope I could make the problem understandable.

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