RE: replace one disk in isw RAID1 array

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> How did you add the new blank disk to the array?  ie, did you use the Raid
> Setup in the BIOS to mark the disk as part of the array?  Or just use dmraid
> commands? 
[Aaron Hanson] 
I think I covered that. I simply did a physical disk replacement with power off.  After powering the system back on, I tried to use 'dmraid -R <new device>' as an attempt to add the new device to the array.

But I'm new to ataraid; I don't really know that I'm using the correct procedure.  I'm looking for someone on this list actually knows the typical and correct way to replace a disk in an ataraid array.  I presume there is the simple step of physically replacing the bad disk with a good one, then some 'dmraid' commands. But  can't seem to find the right 'dmraid' command(s).

Thanks for your response.


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