Re: status of dmraid tool?

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On Tue, 27 Jul 2010 11:50:59 +0200, Heinz Mauelshagen <heinzm@xxxxxxxxxx>
> On Mon, 2010-07-26 at 12:25 -0400, Ian Stakenvicius, Aerobiology
> Research wrote:
>> Hey all -- I noticed there hasn't been much in the way of changes to
>> the dmraid tool as of late, so I went googling and found about 60
>> patches on that seem to relate to dmraid since
>> the release of 1.0.0.rc16.  I was wondering if there was an updated
>> tarball available someplace now, or if there will be in the near
>> future?
> Those are all available via the sources repository.
> If there's more demand for a tarball coming in,
> I may do another one.

Yes, please. If we have rc17 and no new problems pop up in say a month or
so, can it be called 1.0.0? Because you are already 6 years in rc stage!

I would be happy to test it against Fedora 13 and RHEL5.5 (when possible
with rc17!).



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