Re: ISW dmraid-rc15 fails to activate raid0 due to incorrect cylinder calculation

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Hello Marcin,

Labun, Marcin ha scritto:
> Hello Giuseppe,
> ISW metadata blocks_per_member (dev-> shall contain journaling space on the RAID member device, while r->sectors shall contain data space only.
> During RAID device configuration in metadata the journaling space is added to blocks_per_member:
> 	map->blocks_per_member = (map->blocks_per_strip * map->num_data_stripes) * div + RAID_DS_JOURNAL;
> Could you please provide ISW native metadata output from dmraid -n and device mapper mapping (dmsetup table and status) and dmraid array configuration (dmraid -C and dmraid -s)?
> Do you see 	"%s: zero sectors on %s"?
> If not, possibly there is an overflow and the reason might be in blocks_per_member configuration.

I haven't an Intel raid card, I am the dmraid maintainer in Debian and I got two
bug report in Debian and Ubuntu. You can read other relevant information here[1][2].

Valentin and Danniy (Cced), Can you provide these information please?



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