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I'm trying to debug why dmraid won't deactivate this raid set and am very confused by the code I see. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

change_set() calls deactivate_set() which calls dm_remove(), which calls run_task() in lib/activate/devmapper.c. run_task() looks like this:

        if (ret &&
            DM_DEVICE_CREATE == type)
                ret = dmraid_uuid(lc, rs, uuid, DM_UUID_LEN) &&
                      dm_task_set_uuid(dmt, uuid) &&

Now that looks to me like the only kind of task it will run is a create task, not a remove task, like the one it is being asked to do. This code looks like it will never work, as if the removal code was never completed, yet I know that dmraid -an does work normally, so what gives?

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