Intel Storage Manager Raid 5 support

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Hi ..
new to the list. .. and a bit of a newbie :-(

I have a new machine with an Intel S3000AMLX  Motherboard running Intel Storage Manager.
Irritatingly you cannot set the bios to boot off alternative disks ... Or I would software raid .. Grrr


I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 to get the 4 sata disks to run Raid 5 configuration.

I have selected RAID 5 it in the BIOS, and started up the Ubuntu live CD and installed dmraid-rc14

When I do an dmraid -l, it says that only raid 0 and 1 are supported for isw, which I am
presuming is the correct device for this fake-raid setup ??

Reading a few of the threads I thought that rc-14 would handle isw raid 5, with the auto-rebuilding
being released in rc-15 ?

Am I mistaken ?  If I install rc-15 can I get raid 5 on the isw ?

At  this stage I am not too concerned about the rebuilding, and it seems that this is
happening real soon now.



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