Re: Why are spaces removed from the disk serial number?

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It has been two months, Heinz, have you caught up from your vacation yet? Is there a reason for the whitespace to be stripped from the disk serial number, or can we remove that?

Cetnerowski, Adam wrote:
Cetnerowski, Adam wrote:
The serial number for sdb does look fishy and it could be interacting
strangely with the library isspace() function used to strip out the
whitespace (if some of the strange characters are control characters).
This may be the reason why the raid set is recognized under Windows.

The question is, should the whitespace even be stripped? If the disk has a space in its serial number, then shouldn't it be recorded in the metadata with the space? If the space is supposed to be stripped then I

can see the isspace() behaving incorrectly on control characters, but it

seems to me that if the disk reports a space, the metadata should have a

space in it as well.

We will need a reply from Heinz on this.

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