Re: fakeraid/dmraid on intel matrix RAID-0 array

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Greg Watson wrote:
I've been following these guides:
which lead me to this page:
I have followed the guide, located the exact Array information sectors.


Before patching, dmraid told me this:

ERROR: isw: Error finding disk table slot for /dev/sdb
ERROR: isw: Error finding disk table slot for /dev/sda
No RAID disks

I then tried patching dmraid code per the guide. So the dd copied the last
1024 bytes, so 1024 / 512 (per sector) = 2.

After patching #define ISW_CONFIGOFFSETS in the code (isw.h) and
recompiling, I only get.

The patching part of the guide is for pdc controllers, not Intel, since pdc likes to throw their metadata in all sorts of odd offsets, but Intel always goes with 2 sectors from the end. The error does not indicate that it can't find the metadata, but that there is a problem with the metadata it found where it can't find the part that specifically describes that disk.

This is the result of a bug I mentioned in a recent thread entitled "Why are spaces removed from the disk serial number?" in which I point out that dmraid removes whitespace from the disk serial number before trying to compare it with the serial number recorded in the metadata, which no longer matches since it still has the whitespace. I never did get an answer about why the whitespace is removed, and if that removal can be disabled to fix this problem.

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