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Cetnerowski, Adam wrote:

Your mail client appears to have a bug that made reading your reply very difficult. Specifically it rewrapped the quoted lines such that the last word of each quoted line appeared on its own unquoted line, and the second is that it does not generate a proper User-Agent: header. Please push for these bugs to be fixed, or try a less buggy mail client.

We are expecting a new patch for dmraid this week. Please check, if the
new version resolves these issues. If not, we will need a list of disks
(dmraid -b) and the complete metadata listing (dmraid -n) using the new
version of dmraid.

You should be able to see the relevant information here:

It appears to be related to the use of a Host Protected Area ( HPA ). Both disks are the same size, but one has some space reserved as an HPA. The metadata in that disk reports its size as reduced by the size of the HPA. The metadata in the second disk appears to report the size of the first disk in its entirety, not respecting the HPA. Because the metadata on each disk disagrees, their checksums were different when created which lead to them showing different values for family_num, which causes dmraid to identify each disk as belonging to different unrelated raid sets.

So it appears that the bios has a bug that caused it to generate incorrect metadata when the raid set was created, yet the windows driver appears to ignore this inconsistency and operate anyhow.

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