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I hope this is the right forum to ask this question in.
I'm about to build a system from scratch with an X48 intel board with
onboard ICH9R RAID. (MSI X48C Platinum)
I'm planning to use 4 x Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM S300 32MB.
I intend to setup the drives/RAID using the BIOS RAID as
Logical Drive 1: RAID 10 over all four drives, 400MB per drive - main
storage area (so total size 800MB)
Logical Drive 2: RAID 0 over all four drives, 100MB per drive - swap
and temporary areas (intending to do a fair bit of transcoding - total
size 400MB)

I will be installing Fedora Core 9 on this (if it ever downloads)

>From my understanding the RAID should be supported by dmraid ok

1) Is this correct?
2) Will it work "out of the box" or will I need to do complicated things?  ;)
3) Anything I should know? (caveats/restrictions/don't do that do this/etc) ?
4) With this chipset and drivers how does RAID 5 compare with RAID 10
(if anyone knows) ?

In return, is there anything I can test/try/record during the process
which might help anyone else?

Many thanks,

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