How to install onto pre-existing RAID-0 array

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Hello All,

I am interested in dual-booting Fedora and Vista on a RAID-0 array. My
system is an Abit NF7-S. I have a pair of Seagate 80Gb SATA drives
configured through a separate RAID BIOS as a single 160 Gb RAID-0 array. I
have installed Windows Vista Ultimate on the array, and I'd like to install
Fedora 8 on a second partition of the array.

I booted off of a Fedora 8 live CD and I was pleased to see that I could
activate my array using dmraid, and I was able to mount it as /mnt/raid0
from it's mount point (/dev/mapper/Sil_<blah> ). That's great. 

Now, for the hard part.. how do I actually install Fedora on the array? In
the past, I've had Fedora core 4 installed on the array with a
vendor-provided driver disk, but I have no such disk now. Is it simply a
matter of breaking out of the install screen to a prompt and activating my
array? Can dmraid recognize the presence of the array and install to it

Thanks for all your thoughts & advice.


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