Re: git tree for ata-raid?

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"Wood, Brian J" <brian.j.wood@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> >> > I'm interested in helping with some of the bugs being reported
> >> > with dmraid on various controllers.
> >> >
> >> > Is there a git repo that contains the master dmraid source or do
> >> > you folks use something else?
> >>
> >> CVS repo here.
> >> Please send patches.
> >
> >is it publically availlable?
> Nope, Heinz is maintaining the CVS internally at this point.
> He keeps the latest version of the source zipped up on his redhat
> personal page for users to download though. :)

As far as I remember, every time I looked at dmraid-current.tar.bz2,
it always was the latest released version, never a snapshot of current

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