RE: dmraid segfault with DDF

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Matthias -

The S5000VSA board should have BIOS/orom support for ISW metadata, any
reason why DDF is being used?

Jason Gaston and Ying Fang released a patch fixing a segfault issue when
using ISW metadata, perhaps there is a similar issue with DDF.

- Eric

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>Subject: dmraid segfault with DDF
>we have a report on dmraid segfaulting with a Intel S5000VSA Board.
>The segfault seems only to happen when given with the raid set
>dmraid -r -vvv -d
>dmraid -s -ccc -d
>works, but
>dmraid -s -ccc -d ddf1_4c534920202020201000005500000000330adc0c00000a28
>I acquired a core file (I do not have the hardware to test this),
>the following backtrace:
>(gdb) bt
>#0  0x00002b66ceac7a00 in main_arena () from /lib64/
>#1  0x000000000040b592 in group_set (lc=0x628010,
>    name=0x7fffdc96288f
>"ddf1_4c534920202020201000005500000000330adc0c00000a28") at
>#2  0x00000000004049bf in build_sets (lc=0x628010, sets=<value
>    at toollib.c:69
>#3  0x0000000000404041 in perform (lc=0x628010, argv=0x7fffdc960f48)
>    at commands.c:648
>#4  0x0000000000403b23 in main (argc=<value optimized out>,
>    argv=0x7fffdc960f48) at dmraid.c:34
>This seems bogus, because main_arena is a symbol from libc
>(not even a function AFAIK).
>In the last reasonable frame I get the following info:
>(gdb) frame 1
>#1  0x000000000040b592 in group_set (lc=0x628010,
>    name=0x7fffdc96288f
>"ddf1_4c534920202020201000005500000000330adc0c00000a28") at
>657             return rd->fmt->group(lc, rd);
>(gdb) info locals
>rd = (struct raid_dev *) 0x2b66ceac79c0
>rs = (struct raid_set *) 0x628540
>(gdb) p *rs
>$5 = {list = {next = 0x6377c0, prev = 0x2b6600736b73}, sets = {next =
>    prev = 0x1011}, devs = {next = 0x732f007366737973,
>    prev = 0x7366737973007379}, total_devs = 7827968, found_devs =
>  name = 0x30203000777200 <Address 0x30203000777200 out of bounds>,
>  stride = 0, type = 0, flags = 0, status = 0}
>Currently, I am getting out of clue, what's going on here.
>Possibly this issue might also be related to
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