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On Fri, Jul 13, 2007 at 03:11:09PM +0200, Piotr Brostovski, Levigo Systems wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm stuck with a problem which is related to the combination of the new 
> Intel ChipSet P35 on the Gigabyte P35C-DS3R and Linux (Ubuntu 7.04 
> Feisty Fawn).
> I try to find the information how DMRAID stores its Raidinformation - 
> and where.

See description of dmraid(8).
Various metadata formats are supported (dmraid -l).
Such vendord specific metadata typically sits at the end of each componet
device in a RAID set and is vendor specific.
If you are interested in details, look at the .h files below lib/format/
in the dmraid source tree.

> The DMRAID man page sadly don't say anything about it how DMRAID works 
> and google finds a lot - but not what I'm exactly looking for ....
> So i try it with this E-Mail ;)
> The Problem is, with the Intel P35 system and Linux my raidarray get 
> broken. And i don't know if DMRAID writes anything on the disks?

Not yet.
Enhancements to so in order to eg. replace a broken mirror member,
are in the works.

> All partitions are read-only mounted - or even not mounted at all - 
> still the raid get corrupted.
> With the nForce Chipsets for AMD CPUs dmraid always worked perfectly 
> (except the bug with an old DMRaid Version, but after compiling DMRaid 
> 1.0-RC13 everything just run fine) but with the Intel Chipset i even 
> can't say what exactly is the problem ...

Might be a flaw in the isw metadata format handler.
Send your metadata to me for investigation please.

> It could be possible that it is a hardware fault, but I'm not sure about 
> it because with Windows everything seems to work fine.

Well, sounds like a bug in the isw code...

> Discussions in the Gigabyte support forum doesn't step ahead, in the 
> Ubuntu support forum i haven't even an answer to this problem :(
> Maybe you heard about problems with DMRAID and Intel P35, possible in 
> particular on the Gigabyte P35 Mainboards?
> Yours faithfully,
> Piotr Brostovski


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