Highpoint Rocketraid 133 on RHEL4

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I’m building a new email & file server for the office.


Tyan s640N motherboard with dual AMD MP1800

2G ram

1 x 60G HDD attached to ide ch 1 – OS installed on this


2 x 160G HDD attached to Highpoint RR133 ATA IDE PCI card


When I do a clean install of  RHEL4 the installation gets 2 different timings reported to it by the RR133 card (hpt372 & hpt 374 – I think from my memory) this causes kernel panic and it goes no further. I can do a noprobe install excluding the disks attached to the RR133 card and the install works fine and system operates 100% ok – but without those drives.


I’ve tried compiling the kernel with opensource drivers that I downloaded from the Highpoint website and was partially successful but I’m always getting errors in the compile and being a newbie I’m getting frustrated cause I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


Any help with this pr**k of a card would be excellent. (I’m almost ready to resort to a different card)





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