Fedora Core 5 and Highpoint 372

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I'm somewhat new to Linux so please gear it kind of low.

I?m trying to set up a new web server at my home to host my personal web
site and e-mail. I have a High Point 372 (PATA) card and am trying to
install Fedora Core 5 on a RAID1 array. The High Point 37x is supported by
dmraid and, I am lead to believe, is Linux supposed to have support built
into the 2.6x kernel.

When I try to install Fedora on a RAID1 array I get kernel panic errors
saying the PCI clock won?t sync. If I have just the card installed with no
drives attached it and a drive attached to the on-board controller, then no
error, but no RAID.

Highpoint only offers a Redhat 9 driver or a generic driver that has to be
compiled using ?make?. Problem is I can?t ?make? until the OS is installed
and then it?s too late.

Software RAID would be OK too but hardware RAID would be better. The problem
I see with SW RAID there is that the /boot partition cannot be in the RAID
(won?t boot, obviously) array and therefore resides only on one drive or the
other. Only one disc would be bootable and therefore not truly safe (is
there really such a thing?).

I could find no helpful information on Google. All I could dig up was for
installing RAID on a working system.

Is there any advice you can give me? Is there a way to get 2 bootable PATA
drives working with Fedora Core 5?

Kind Regards,
Eric S

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