Improved mkinitrd2 patch for FC4

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Here is my improved (but still not perfect) patch to the /sbin/mkinitrd
script so that you can use mkinitrd2 to create an initial ramdisk to boot
Fedora Core 4 using dmraid.  I found out
that if you don't have any drives that are using lvm it didn't set up 
the device mapper properly so added the root_lvm=1 line.

# diff -Naur mkinitrd mkinitrd2
--- mkinitrd    2005-05-17 15:03:33.000000000 -0700
+++ mkinitrd2   2006-01-16 02:18:46.000000000 -0800
@@ -423,6 +423,7 @@
        dmout=$(/sbin/dmsetup ls 2>/dev/null)
        if [ "$dmout" != "No devices found" -a "$dmout" != "" ]; then
            findmodule -dm-mod
+           root_lvm=1
@@ -587,6 +588,7 @@

 inst /sbin/nash "$MNTIMAGE/bin/nash"
 inst /sbin/insmod.static "$MNTIMAGE/bin/insmod"
+inst /sbin/dmraid.static "$MNTIMAGE/bin/dmraid"
 ln -s /sbin/nash $MNTIMAGE/sbin/modprobe

 if [ -n "$USE_UDEV" ]; then
@@ -734,6 +736,8 @@
     echo "echo Making device-mapper control node" >> $RCFILE
     echo "mkdmnod" >> $RCFILE
+    echo "echo Activating dmraid" >> $RCFILE
+    echo "dmraid -ay --ignorelocking" >> $RCFILE
     echo "echo Scanning logical volumes" >> $RCFILE
     echo "lvm vgscan --ignorelockingfailure" >> $RCFILE
     echo "echo Activating logical volumes" >> $RCFILE


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