Re: PDC20378 - Help :(

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The dmraid utility is for recognizing drives configured for raid use and setting up the kernel to access them correctly. From the information you provided in your last post, you do not have two drives which can be or are configured for use as a raid. I asked you before if you had created a raid volume in the bios utility and you said yes, but you can't do that if you only have a single sata drive ( you can't raid with a usb drive ).

Unless you have more than those two drives that you listed in your last email, then you aren't going to be setting up a raid any time soon. Do you have more drives that aren't being recognized at all by linux?

tlc wrote:
The on board PDC20378 is not a true hardware RAID. But, yeah this is the
problem. There is no device created. The controller is supported and has
a driver, and supposedly has had a driver since the 2.4 kernel. The
system detects the card loads the driver but can not find any devices. I
am not expecting to find one RAID device created, I know its a software
RAID controller ( basically ) I don't care, I just want to be able to
use the controller.

It looks like the driver is only recognizing the SATA port on the
controller and not the PATA port. You can use either or. So it sees the
controller but no attached devices.



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