Re: ERROR: dos: reading /dev/mapper/sil_afagadcabbbj[No such file or directory]...

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On 10/14/05, Noam Asor <noamas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"noamas" - is that an anagram of assnom, eg. half-baked french for
"ass name"? :-)
(Excuse me if it's not, no offence meant!)

> When I worked with dmraid 1.00.rc8 I had no problems
> and I could use both of the partitions on the raid.
> After I moved up to dmraid 1.00.rc9 I got the error - dos: reading
> /dev/mapper/sil_afagadcabbbj[No such file or directory]

Seems the device hasn't been assembled at all.

> any suggestions? (beside going back to dmraid 1.00.rc8...)

I don't know what's wrong, but I can offer a couple hints.
 - run dmraid with with a couple of -t's and -v's and copy/paste the
output to this list.
 - also include messages from DM - they'll unfortunately be stuffed
away in /var/log/messages.
 - DMRAID doesn't check that the DM version it's running on is proper
- check the README and upgrade to a proper version if yours is not
high enough.
 - if all else fails, send your disk metadata to this list.
 - switch away from Hotmail, it will s.... up your messages if you
write non-US-ASCII text, by failing to add a proper 'charset' tag in
the message headers (or encoding the message).  As a bonus, you'll get
rid of the commercial pasted to the bottom of every one of your
messages.  Ok, that was a bit off-topic, but anyway ;-).

> thanks in advance.


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blerh ;p.



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