Re: RAID1 size issue with PDC20265

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I have a fair bit of experience installing these controllers in Gentoo. 
Your problem description is pretty vague, however.

Out of curiousity, why are you using dmraid?  What is it that is
'patched'?  Please elaborate.

I just build a new kernel in Gentoo with PDC support in my installs.  (I
have 3 systems that I've configured with Promise cards in Gentoo...)


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>>> alxsey@xxxxxxxxxxx 03/11/05 12:22 AM >>>

being new to this list and to dmraid, I could not be so sure is my
problem is what Paul Moore describes here
- Subject: Re: Some strange behavior with Promise Fasttrak).

I am using dmraid (rc5) within Gentoo (using dmraid initrd) on Promise
integrated PDC20265 controller with patched for RAID support BIOS. It
works pretty well (although I had no chance to check raid1 , which I am
using, functionality). There is only problem that from my two 200G hard
drives I have acceseble 100G only (remember, this is RAID1, so I have to
have 200G). dmraid rc6 looks like does not helps here too much, but for
me even makes things worse - it is changing mapped set name and as far
as I can tell, fdisk show me same 100G, and I have only 3 devices
in /dev/mapper instead of 5 I'm having with rc5.

Is there any advice for my case or I am too unclear here?


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