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I would recommend you Asterisk for Voice and Video and XMPP for Chat.

Asterisk in parallel with Jabberd2 (XMPP server) may feet your requirements, and if you use a XMPP MSN Transport Gateway you can do even more.

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 5:50 PM, Carlos Carvalhar <ccarvalhar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



How can I make a live chat (mainly text, but with voice/video chat if possible) interacting with asterisk?

Can asterisk control simultaneously the queue between people calling by phone and people by web chat?


At my work, there is a call center using asterisk to control the queue of the clients (by phone) already. This part is ok.

But now I need to make a chat room at the website and someone of the call center will need to answer that client.


So my doubt is how to implement a solution that identifies an operator who is free and put him to talk by chat and then make him busy to phone calls.

After the web chat is finished, the operator turns automatically free again.


I'm planning to use php to set an asterisk variable telling the agent is free or busy.

Can you tell me the asterisk apis involved with busy agents?

Eg.: how do I set one agent as busy? I can set it by php, don't I?


Is there any software like this one, Centriphone Millennium, for free?


Is there any free solution?


Where can I find information about how to settle asterisk variables (to get and to set) with php programming?


I need to make a php page that settles a property of asterisk in runtime.

Is it possible? How do I do it?


Thanks in advance,



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