Re: Quintum tenor configuration with asterisk help

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The Quintums work great with SIP (TenorAX at least). Don't bother with H232 until you absolutely have to, and I bet you will not.

My problem with getting the box working was that is shipped with G729 as the default codec and I use nothing but ulaw on my lan.
Can you get any debugging info out of asterisk?

BTW, replying to the digest is bad form and many people will ignore your postings if you do this. Always start a new thread, dont just reply to something in your inbox if it is unrelated.

Steve Totaro

c.savinovich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
  I don't have much details on your set-up, but I assume that since
quintums had performance troubles with SIP (about 2 years ago) your best
bet is to get them to work with h323.  For that your first step willl be
to install h323 support on your asterisk box.  I may be a little rusty
on this, so if anyone has better advice, welcome


Hi I need help configuring a quintum box with asterisk. Anyone has it
working ?
Please let me know what I should do.
I want to be able to register the asm200 with an extension, and be able to
hopoff calls when calling from my asterisk,

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