Problem provisioning Cisco SPA303

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I've got a Cisco SPA303 that I'm trying to provision via http.  I noticed that 
this device looks very similar to a PAP2T, so I used that as a template for my 
provisioning file.

However, the result is less than stellar.  Line 1 registers and works.  
However, lines 2 and 3 also register as line 1, effectively giving me a 1-line 
phone with 3 buttons.

Also, the line name is the same on all 3 phone lies.

I've looked on Cisco's website and Googled around, but I can not find a true 
example of a provisioning file for this device.  Anything I could find would be 
enough for me to make a template.

Does anyone know of an example provisioning file for this device?

I've included, below, a (sanitized) copy of the file I'm using.  The user_id is 
simply the device's MAC address, followed by a dash, then the line number.

Any help you could give me would be most appreciated.




<Display_Name_1_ ua="na">3CCE73D241A9-1</Display_Name_1_>
<User_ID_1_ ua="na">3CCE73D241A9-1</User_ID_1_>
<Auth_ID_1_ ua="na">3CCE73D241A9-1</Auth_ID_1_>
<Password_1_ ua="na">DICLFUXOT1SWNQEW</Password_1_>
<Use_Auth_ID_1_ ua="na">Yes</Use_Auth_ID_1_>
<DNS_SRV_Auto_Prefix_1_ ua="na">Yes</DNS_SRV_Auto_Prefix_1_>

<Display_Name_2_ ua="na">3CCE73D241A9-2</Display_Name_2_>
<User_ID_2_ ua="na">3CCE73D241A9-2</User_ID_2_>
<Auth_ID_2_ ua="na">3CCE73D241A9-2</Auth_ID_2_>
<Password_2_ ua="na">KVJJZPAMSI[WM1ISR</Password_2_>
<Use_Auth_ID_2_ ua="na">Yes</Use_Auth_ID_2_>
<DNS_SRV_Auto_Prefix_2_ ua="na">Yes</DNS_SRV_Auto_Prefix_2_>

<Proxy_1_> </Proxy_1_>
<Proxy_2_> </Proxy_2_>

<Outbound_Proxy_1_> </Outbound_Proxy_1_>
<Outbound_Proxy_2_> </Outbound_Proxy_2_>

<Profile_Rule>$MA </Profile_Rule>




Mike Diehl.

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