Re: still got ReceiveFax() problem, how to properly setup asterisk fax?

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On 07/26/2012 10:33 PM, Roi Stork wrote:
> I've posted my problem with ReceiveFax() a long time ago.
> Majority of the incoming faxes still end up with a T2 timeout or 
> hangup (fax session hangup) errors.
> Our Setup:
> - we're using the Digium Free Fax module for Asterisk, all settings 
> are default
> - incoming/outgoing faxes go through an E1 line
> - faxes are outgoing/received via Sangoma A104DE Card
> - fax .tiff image is converted to pdf and sent to email
> - clock source has already been set to NORMAL (from the E1 line), and 
> hardware/software echo cancellation already disabled

Why would you disable echo cancellers? That's a terrible idea.

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People seem to think that Asterisk won't disable the Echo Canceler when a fax tone is detected.  Why they think that is a total mystery to me,.

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