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On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 1:22 PM, Michelle Dupuis <mdupuis@xxxxxx> wrote:
We've deoplyed a number of pure VoIP wireless (wifi & proprietary) phones,  but not dect.
Is there a simple overview of integrating DECT phones with Asterisk somewhere?  I assume the DECT basestation has a multi-account SIP VoIP interface, and the handsets are just plain old dect?

The SIP side of every DECT phone I've worked with looks/works just like any regular SIP phone.  Asterisk just sees a SIP endpoint.  If it's multi-handset/multi-account it's much like configuring a multi-line SIP phone.
Can you push configuration info to individual phones?  (Are they individually addressible / configurable through SIP) etc?

This is all dependent on the phone/base, but every one I've used does.  Again, it works just like any other SIP handset that supports a central config server.

Honestly while there's a little bit of learning to do, deploying a SIP-DECT solution isn't really different from other phones and you should just jump into it.

We are very pleased with Spectralink for larger/industrial applications and Panasonic for small office applications.

Devote four hours to learning and you'll be comfortable with the configs for either.

Carlos Alvarez

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