HP DL360 G5 better than HP DL360 G7 ?

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Any tips on solving the following performance conundrum:

Asterisk running on HP DL360 G5 and G7s

tcpdump running to capture UDP 5060/SIP signaling to .pcap files

All calls are ultimately B2BUA client -> asterisk -> PSTN

Media stays on Asterisk at all times

AGI script has exit handler that connects and updates an external
database upon BYE from either side.

I know that if exit handler hangs around too long, Bad Things (tm) will happen.

Oddly, under load (60-100 B2BUA calls), the G7s start complaining:

Autodestruct on dialog '<CALLID>' with owner in place (Method: BYE)

I/O wait is actually higher on the G5s, the G7s have fancy disk cache
cards and never get above 1% i/o wait

turn off the tcpdump process on the G7s and Autodestruct warnings go
away.  The G7s should have
much more capacity than the G5s but we never, ever get Autodestruct
... Method: BYE on the G5s.

OS is identical CentOS in both cases.   Every other environmental
config is the same (network, subnet, DNS etc).

Architecture/bus/network card difference?  tcpdump starving some other
resource to cause stuff to slow down?

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