Asterisk 10.4.0 GotoIf to label problem when DUNDi active

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I have a hotdesking environment at my main office, and up until today, the GotoIf that jumps straight to voicemail if a user isn’t log in was working just fine by label.  Today, I deployed DUNDi to a satellite office, and now the GotoIf isn’t jumping to the right place.  If I replace the label with a priority number, it jumps correctly.  Alternatively, if I disable the switch statement for DUNDi, it jumps correctly.  But with the DUNDi switch in service and the named label to jump to, it gives me this error:


[May 30 13:57:24] WARNING[6654]: pbx.c:10747 pbx_parseable_goto: Priority 'not_logged_in' must be a number > 0, or valid label


Dialplan snippets as follows:

[hotdesk]  ;phones dial here

include => hotdesk_outbound



exten => _X.,1,NoOp()

same => n,Set(LOCATION=${CUT(CHANNEL,/,2)})

same => n,Set(LOCATION=${CUT(LOCATION,-,1)})


same => n,GotoIf($[${ISNULL(${WHO})}]?internal,${EXTEN},1)

same => n,Set(${WHO}_CID_NAME=${HOTDESK_INFO(cid_name,${WHO})})

same => n,Set(${WHO}_CID_NUMBER=${HOTDESK_INFO(cid_number,${WHO})})

same => n,Set(${WHO}_CONTEXT=${HOTDESK_INFO(defaultcontext,${WHO})})

same => n,Set(${WHO}_VMCONTEXT=${HOTDESK_INFO(vmcontext,${WHO})})

same => n,Set(GROUP(activecallers)=${WHO})

same => n,NoOp(Who: ${WHO} Calls: ${GROUP_COUNT(${WHO}@activecallers)})

same => n,Set(DEVICE_STATE(Custom:${WHO})=INUSE)

same => n,Set(CALLERID(name)=${${WHO}_CID_NAME})

same => n,Set(CALLERID(num)=${${WHO}_CID_NUMBER})

same => n,Goto(${${WHO}_CONTEXT},${EXTEN},1)



include => internal-privledged



include => internal

switch => DUNDi/peer



exten => _3XX,1,NoOp()

same => n,Set(E=${EXTEN})

same => n,Set(${E}_VMCONTEXT=${HOTDESK_INFO(vmcontext,${E})})


same => n,GotoIf($[${ODBCROWS} < 1]?not_logged_in)

same => n,Dial(SIP/${USER_LOCATION},20,wWU(answered^${E}))

same => n,ExecIf(${ISNULL(${E})}?NoOp(${HOTDESK_INFO(location,${E})}):ExecIf($[${GROUP_COUNT(${E}@activecalls)}>1]?Set(DEVICE_STATE(Custom:${E})=INUSE):Set(DEVICE_STATE(Custom:${E})=NOT_INUSE)))

same => n,Set(GROUP(activecalls)=${NULL})

same => n,Voicemail(${E}@${${E}_VMCONTEXT},b)

same => n,Hangup()

same => n(not_logged_in),Set(LOGGED_OFF=1)

same => n,Voicemail(${E}@${${E}_VMCONTEXT},u)

same => n,Hangup()


Any suggestions on other things to try?  Or is this a bug I should file?



Thank you,


Noah Engelberth

MetaLINK Technologies


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