Re: Upgrade from version 1.6.24 to 1.8.12 - Retransmission timeout error

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Considering that you made progress on your initial problem by setting
"nat=force_rport" (resulting in connected calls with no audio) and now
you're mentioning the use of "externaddr", I'd recommend a very
careful reading of the "NAT SUPPORT" section of sip.conf.sample in the
configs directory of the Asterisk source tree.  In Asterisk 1.8, there
is a new configuration option named "media_address" which may be of
particular interest.
It sounds like a NAT issue to me too. Why don't you do a quick test and put the Asterisk box on a public IP if you can. If it works, you will have narrowed down the issue to a NAT problem. You could have a nat router with a broken SIP ALG.

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