Function not Registered??

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Hi all,


I am running the same Asterisk with the same configuration on all the servers in the region.

I got this function called func_devstate which I use to control the lights of the Polycom phones.

This module works well for all the Asterisk servers except this one.


To get it to work, I basically compile this module together with the others and there is no need to explicitly load it in modules.conf.

The problem is when my script uses function DEVSTATE, the Asterisk console shows that it is not registered.


However, when I did a module show, it was there.


I did restart Asterisk or include it in module.conf but it did not resolve the problem.


Do you have any clues why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.


-- Executing [*1223*1**1900@incoming:78] Set("SIP/1900-08ee1da8", "DEVSTATE(Custom:cfalw1900)=INUSE") in new stack
[May 25 11:59:46] ERROR[8913]: pbx.c:1564 ast_func_write: Function DEVSTATE not registered




*CLI> module show like

Module Description Use Count Gets or sets a device state in the dialp 0
1 modules loaded


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