Re: twenty thousands (20, 000) users, which asterisk and how many servers

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Thanks for all for the help and kindly reply.

One last point that will help me alot:

I am thinking to have 4 Servers running Asterisk and 2 Servers to be for database. The load to be distributed on the 4 Asterisk Servers with ability to be redundant (using any redundancy technique). The 4 Asterisk Servers to take the configuration from the Database Server and actually because there is 2 Database servers, then it will be redundant to each other (in case one database failed, the other will take over).

My question is:

Is it really possible to have the asterisk configuration in the database server instead of having it in conf files? HOW? I am asking this because what I noticed in AsteriskNow and in A2Billing and Vicidial or Goautodial that whatever I do configuration in the GUI, then the configuration will be generated in the conf files, so Asterisk will read from the conf files and not from the database directly. Is it right or I am confused and there is something else?

If there is a method to let the configuration to be taken from the database (and not from the configuration), then HOW? Because even in AsteriskNow, the configuration will be generated in a conf files. 

Special thanks for the advise.


> > Hi All;
> >
> > I need to use Asterisk for 20 000 users, so which
> asterisk version to be used? Is there asterisk version that
> supports 20,000 users on one hardware machine?
> >
> > Can I use one strong hardware server i7 with 64 GB RAM
> and fast hard desk to handle 20 000 users, and concurrent
> calls 2000? Or I need multiple servers, how much?
> >
> > If I am going to use multiple servers (until now I do
> not know how much, and I do not know if the barrier will be
> the asterisk software or the hardware), then do I have to
> use special SIP proxy or I have to use load balancer)? In
> this case, I have to use asterisk Database (so all the
> servers will read/write from the database)?
> >
> > What about AsteriskNow, can it support?
> AsteriskNOW is a GUI on top of Asterisk; it does not change
> the ability 
> of the system to handle call load.
> Modern versions of Asterisk can easily handle 2,000
> simultaneous calls, 
> even with media (non-transcoded) passing through the server.
> We have a 
> community member who has improved chan_sip in Asterisk 10
> (and later) to 
> be able to handle 10,000 simultaneous calls.
> Handling 20,000 registrations is probably more of a concern
> for Asterisk 
> at this point; I've never heard of anyone attempting to
> handle that many 
> on one system.
> In spite of all this, though, the other advice you've
> received in this 
> thread is sound: even if a single system can handle the
> load, doing so 
> is asking for a major problem if that system experiences a
> failure. 
> You'd be much better off to at least split the load across
> two machines, 
> both of which should be large enough to handle the entire
> load when 
> necessary.
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