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On 05/24/2012 09:54 AM, Arstan wrote:
Dear list,
I have a project where I have:

Asterisk 10 <-->AudioCodes <--> E1<--> Provider

AudioCodes supports T.38 and passes the faxes through E1 to the
provider. From what I read, Asterisk 10 has the most stable(full) T.38
among other releases.

Asterisk 10 has T.38 gateway support, but you won't be using it here because your AudioCodes device will be performing that function. Outside of gateway support, the T.38 functionality in Asterisk 1.8 and Asterisk 10 are very close to identical.

My Question: Can I somehow see in the logs if T.38 packets sending and
see somehow its debugs? Or I should just be better off with capturing
sip data through tcpdump?

This will depend on what you are asking the Asterisk 10 system to *do* with T.38. Are you sending FAXes from it, or receiving FAXes into it, or something else entirely?

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