Re: British Telecom ISDN BRI line issues

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On 05/13/2012 03:07 AM, khalid touati wrote:

My Issie is finally fixed and I can make calls, I received actually from
digium the fix, I'll try to give as much details as I can to make sure
people who find this thread understand pb and solution.

Problem: not able to dial calls using BRI from British Telecom
configured as "system access" or PTP ("standard access which is PTMP
works fine) (see above for errors thrown)
Solution: adding this line "options wctdm24xxp bri_persistentlayer1=1"
to /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi.conf and restarting asterisk and dahdi of course.
Versions used: asterisk dahdi libpri

Good to hear you got it working with Digium's help. One thing: if bri_presistentlayer means that the drivers will force the D-channel to always be up then do not be surprised if BT disables the ISDN port. They don't like it if a customer forces them to power the D-channel all the time at their expense. And with their ISDN team not contactable it may be a bit of a challenge to get them to enable the port again (after you promised not to mess with heir D-channel again...).

Special thanks to Patrick! thanks and good luck to all!

My pleasure.


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