Re: British Telecom ISDN BRI line issues

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Hi Khalid,

Judging from that bug report I *think*:

On 11-05-12 03:39, khalid touati wrote:
> Patrick,
> I got confused though is this true:
> Any Asterisk soft+digium hdw => it doesn't work

There seem to be combinations that do work. It is my understanding from
that bugreport that an older libpri works with an older version of
asterisk that does not have this issue. If your goal is to deploy the
latest-and-greatest libpri, dahdi and asterisk 1.8 releases then it does
not seem to work.

> Any Asterisk soft+sangoma hdw => it works

In my experience yes. Same goes for Eicon Diva Server cards.

> Patched asterisk soft+digium hdw => it will work (per Kevin)

Yes per Kevin's comment.


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