Event response (AMI)

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When I execute the Action commands set then the Event would response back.  How would I know which Action are they belong/reference to?

For example:

ACTION: Originate
Channel: SIP/test
Exten: 215
Timeout: 30000
Context: test
Priority: 1
ActionID: 111112222333

Response: Success
ActionID: 111112222333
Message: Originate successfully queued

Event response when I hang up the call:

Event: Hangup
Privilege: call,all
Channel: SIP/test-0000007f
Uniqueid: 1336690030.189
CallerIDNum: <unknown>
CallerIDName: <unknown>
Cause: 16
Cause-txt: Normal Clearing

As you can see, how would I know which which ACTION was that belong to? 

If I were coding in PHP (AMI) to Originate the calls then I want to detect which call hanged up.

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