Re: Why SendDTMF is not working?

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Am 06.05.2012 13:46, schrieb Shahid H:

I am having a problem with SendDTMF - it is not sending the numbers
properly during the phone call.. I want the numbers key to to be
pressed/sent automatically after 3 seconds during a phone call.

Log the actual DTMF to your console, set in logger.conf:

console => something,something,dtmf

Then try again and check if you see the actual DTMF. If you do and it still doesn't work, try


for your voipms peer.

rfc2833 has been working always unreliable for me.

Also, I'm doing DTMF like this:

exten => 5000,n,Dial(SIP/123456@provider,,D(wwwwww1ww2ww3ww4))

Just use more w's to generate your 3 seconds pause. No need for SendDTMF.

For more debugging just call yourself on your UK mobile from a softphone and press digits and watch the console and listen on your mobile if you hear the DTMF.

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