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We run many of our asterisk servers on Hyper-V Clusters with openSuse 12.1. They work great All of our PRI &PSTN conversions are done with gateway appliances and the bulk of our traffic comes in SIP trunk from providers. We have 16 switches on virtual and 10 on dedicated. We are add all new asterisk switches as virtual, and removing old physical installs as space is needed in the racks to accommodate new servers to support the virtual deployments.


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Subject: Experience with virtual servers?

Hi All


Does anybody have experience with running Asterisk on virtual servers? I have been experimenting with two suppliers and I am not altogether happy with sound quality etc.


Is it perhaps foolish to try and install a “production” Asterisk server on a virtual machine? With dedicated servers being comparatively cheap (although still several times more expensive than virtual servers), perhaps that is the way  I should be going? I have heard someone mention “Asterisk friendly” VPS providers, how can you tell if they are or aren’t friendly?  


We currently have our Asterisk server running on a five year old single AMD CPU 32 bit machine with 512Mb and that works fine. Even the cheapest virtual server vendors offer servers that seem much more powerful but after testing I am not so sure any more!


Any info would be very welcome!





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