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On Apr 5, 2012, at 2:32 PM, Carlos Alvarez <carlos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 12:11 PM, Eric Wieling <EWieling@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Are you sure you are not referring to the "s" extension?

Absolutely.  Every time I discuss 's' priority on this list or the Asterisk IRC channel people tell me it either doesn't exist or is wrong, but it's a powerful under-utilized feature.  It's at the core of initially routing calls on our system.
Show an example of needing "s" as a priority.

This is from our system, the asterisks have been used to obscure for privacy, they are numbers.

exten => 1602889****,n,Goto(starnetworks#main|s|1)
exten => 1602400****,s,Goto(starnetworks#extensions,9520,1)
exten => 1480241****,s,Goto(starnetworks#extensions,9766,1)
exten => _X.,s,Goto(starnetworks#extensions|${EXTEN:7}|1)

I still don't understand what you would need this for. What version of asterisk are you using?  From, it says the s priority is used when "different patterns may match at the same point in the extension and act differently for them", but couldn't you basically do the same thing with priority labels?  How would you ever end up with different patterns matching at the same point in an extension?  Where is your priority 1?

Warren Selby, dCAP
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