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Just to stir the pot a bit, I am a member of a worldwide private network of Asterisk and AstLinux users. the network uses IAX exclusively, and we have no issues relating to audio quality with a large variety of providers, routers, host machines, and expertise in configuration of the specific nodes Many ( in the US and Canada ) use a PSTN connection as well as the private network using with equally stellar quality using IAX

IAX was chosen as the default network protocol because of the many issues with SIP, routers, and ( later ) the many attempts at break-ins.

As an aside, didn't the manufacture of the Yugo die with the death of Yugoslavia? Most of the Yugo's shortly thereafter? If anyone has one now it may be close to the value of a Delorian

No replies necessary or even desired.

John Novack

Carlos Alvarez wrote:
On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 6:14 PM, Alejandro Imass<ait@xxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Please expand as to how you set-up a SIP ATA behind a common home
router set-up, without port redirection and/or use of a SIP proxy
and/or STUN server? Unless the ATA has some sort of magic (e.g. VPN
support) it _cannot_ be done.
Go buy a WRT-54G or nearly any consumer-class router and just plug in
a SIP device.  Done.  It works.  We *never* work on customer routers
and very rarely have to tell them to reconfigure their router at all.
My own home configuration is an Airport Extreme with zero
configuration.  So either these are very old routers you're having a
problem with, or buggy SIP devices, or something else.

You should care.
Hmm, let me check the reading...

don't drive a Yugo but if I did I could easily be offended by the
pejorative use of the brand.
It's a piece of junk and everyone knows it, including the owners, so who cares?


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