chan_h323 and menuselect dependencies problem

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Hello List,

I've been trying to compile Asterisk with H.323 support and, after correctly installing PTLib and H323plus (OpenH323), the Asterisk configure script still doesn't detect the dependencies as installed.

I know they are correctly installed because after going into "[asterisk-source-directory]/channels/h323" and issuing a 'make opt', it correctly builds everything:

root@slackbox:# make opt
make DEBUG= default_target
make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/asterisk-test/slackbuilds/asterisk-SlackBuild/asterisk-1.4.39/channels/h323'
[CC] ast_h323.cxx
[CC] compat_h323.cxx
[CC] cisco-h225.cxx
[CC] caps_h323.cxx
ar crv libchanh323.a ./ast_h323.o ./compat_h323.o ./cisco-h225.o ./caps_h323.o
a - ./ast_h323.o
a - ./compat_h323.o
a - ./cisco-h225.o
a - ./caps_h323.o
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/asterisk-test/slackbuilds/asterisk-SlackBuild/asterisk-1.4.39/channels/h323'

Nevertheless, the menuselect application doesn't let me select chan_h323.

Its important to note that if I manually edit menuselect.makedeps and menuselect.makeopts in order to manually set chan_h323 support, it does build chan_h323.o without problems (and install it, after make install), but, trying to do it via command line does not work:

From Asterisk source dir:

# make menuselect.makeopts
# menuselect/menuselect --enable chan_h323 menuselect.makeopts

a. Could this be some problem in the configure script? (where it look for dependencies?) b. What can I do in order to force Asterisk to compile chan_h323 in a less 'dirty' way than manually editing previously mentioned files? (I have verified that in this case, it will not yield any errors)

Additional Info:

Asterisk Verison    :     1.4.39
Bash version : GNU bash, version 4.1.7(2)-release (i486-slackware-linux-gnu)
OS                            :     Slackware 13.1.0
PTLib                       :     2.8.3
H323Plus                :     1.22.0

Jose P. Espinal
IRC: [OFTC|FreeNode]
Khratos @ #slackware | #asterisk/-doc/-bugs

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