i.MX27 ASoC interface

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  I'm trying to make a Freescale i.MX27 module works with a WM8750 audio
codec and the ASoC framework.

Looking in the Wolfson's repository for the ASoC tree it seems that
there is a driver for the i.MX21 in sound/soc/imx/imx21_pcm.c (which
should work for i.MX27), but the driver does not seem to work with the
current version. Actually, it seems like it's wrote to use the SDMA
interface, which i think is for the i.MX31.

Also, by searching on the mailing list I was able to find only one
tested implementation, but for the i.MX31, which can be found on
Wolfson's audioplus repository, in the imx31 branch.

Do anyone know if there is a working implementation of the i.MX21 audio
interface for ASoC? Also, if nobody used it, do you suggest to start
over from the working i.MX31 implementation or from something else?

Thank you.

Fabio Baltieri

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